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Daniel Clowes on His “Nancy” Collection

The following is an excerpt from an interview with Daniel Clowes I conducted last fall. The volume of Nancy strips referenced here will be out soon from Fantagraphics.

CB: Fantagraphics is putting out a collection of Nancy strips, many of which came from your own collection.

DC: I found it baffling that I had the best collection of Nancy strips. I bought a bunch of them off eBay in like 1998. It didn’t take any special effort. I just found some dealer that had a whole bunch of them, and I bought all of them I could get my hands on. And when it came time to do the book, they were looking all over and they couldn’t find them anywhere. And I had almost all of them.

CB: What form did you buy them in?

DC: It was some crazy collector who cut them out of the paper and wrapped them in Saran Wrap in little blocks, so I have blocks of every year. And I’m missing a few, but I have pretty much everything from 1943 through 1969 or something like that.

CB: How would you characterize yourself as a comics collector? Do you have particular areas of interest?

DC: I’m not one of those completists who’s got to have everything by everybody. In this case, I just really wanted to read these Nancy strips. I was trying to find stuff I couldn’t get otherwise. If I’d known they were going to do these collections now, I would have just been happy to just wait for them. But for years, the only way you could read a lot of these old comics was to just get the original tear sheets. So I have stacks and stacks of old Sunday pages and things like that.

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